The only marketplace in the world able to connect, on a 100% online transactional basis, end clients and mainstream tourism (tour-operators and travel agents), to the fragmented sector of recreational boat chartering. We have developed a combined equivalent of SAP (BoatGrid, a fleet management software), Amadeus (a GDS), an Expedia (aBoatTime, a 100% transactional website) for the nautical industry, as well as all the integrations to be the only ones to offer boat rentals through, HomeAway, El Corte Inglés, and other touroperators and OTAs. Our goal is to become the standard for the three categories and make nautical chartering (offering the boat for sailing) and the use of boats on an accommodation-only basis (alternative to an apartment, without leaving the harbour) a vacational alternative to the masses.

  • Fleets: need to be able to close bookings 100% online and exposure to mainstream tourism worldwide.
  • Users: need to discover a new affordable holiday category (€70/person/day on average), close bookings 100% online and access to audited boats all over the world.
  • Tour operators & OTAs: need to access a new holiday category, with high margins and cross selling opportunities.

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